How we do transactional e-mails
Our real-live practices on auto-generated client e-mail communication.
Introducing the 'client invite'
You can now transfer Apps to your clients!
Platform updates
The update to the latest PHP versions caused a some downtime yesterday.
Universal App pricing V2 is here
More powerful plans, same price level.
Deploying code with rsync
Learn how to use rsync from the command line to deploy code changes (to our Universal Apps) incredibly fast.
Old App migration program
We are manually moving many Old Apps to Universal Apps to avoid downtime and data loss for stragglers.
Mastering HTTP Caching
Learn how to use CDNs as an easy-to-use edge cache.
PHP 7.1 is here
We have released PHP 7.1 for all Universal and Professional Apps.
MySQL Backups for Pro Apps
Now available: Automated backups for Professional Apps.
Universal Stack changelog
See all platform changes with new Universal Stack.
Universal Stack launched
Optimized for CMS driven websites - made for your needs: Backups, Git, SFTP, HTTPS & team collaboration.
Dashboard improvements
Quicker boarding, App access links and more.
Our Drupal 8 install guide took 540 days
What took us so long to come up with a Drupal 8 install guide.
Sneak peek
A new Hobby line, migration info for Old App owners.
The new stack chooser
Choose a framework or CMS to get started more quickly.
Introducing password authentication + dynamic help
Better Windows support and smoother boarding.
A better domain handling
A more helpful UI + forwarding naked domains.
Mission statement 2016
Where we are, what we are up to.
TLS free launched
Free SSL certificates for custom domains via Let's Encrypt are here now.
File-based CMS overview
Thoughts on flat file CMS and static site generators, mostly PHP-related.
Remote SSH execution is here
Learn how to enhance your workflows with this new feature.
HTTP/2 reality check
How we tried to test the speed benefits of the new internet protocol.
Object Storage launched
A new integrated S3 compatible cloud storage is here.
Why we don't do Add-Ons
Insights why we will not offer an Add-On program soon and what we have instead
fortrabbit just launched in the US
New data center location, new currency
That bounced payment
Insights on how we deal with bounced payments
New Worker Component released
Outsource that heavy lifting in the background — now you can.
Is PaaS dead?
Trends, pivots & troubles in PaaS hosting 2015
E-commerce in 2016
What's going on in e-commerce?
Announcing GA for New Apps
Scalable, extensible and with even more features
HTTP/2 expectations and pitfalls
CMS, quo vadis?
Are content management systems ready for the cloud?
How to keep a secret
Passwords in Git is bad, ENV vars considered harmful, now what?
Dropbox as a cloud storage
How to enable Dropbox as your App's persistent cloud storage.
S3 as a cloud storage
How to setup Amazon S3 as a cloud storage for your App.
New Apps are here
Introducing the New Apps in BETA.
PHP upgrade path (5.4), 5.6, 7.0
Which PHP versions we'll support when.
Introducing 2FA
More Account security settings.
10 pillars of modern PHP development
Our best practices in PHP application design
I love assets
CSS, JS and Images, how to generate and to deploy.
Survey results
What our users are saying and what we think it means.
About PaaS pricing
Value-based VS cost-based pricing for a hosting service.
PHP Hosting Possibilities
A stubborn analysis of hosting solutions for developers.
Small Dashboard improvements
.env import and domain DNS checks!
Roadmap to Hack App
Where we are heading to.
PHP heads
Thank you for being awesome.
Battling with billing
How hustling with accounting keeps us away from developing our service.
On password security
Discussing usability, culture and security.
New dashboard supervision
We are listening. Feedback is welcome.
Migration help
Helping existing users boarding the new dashboard.
The new Dashboard is here
That's one small step for mankind, a giant leap for us.
A new blog layout, a new engine
Tinkering with static site generation.
Blackfire profiler on fortrabbit
Blackfire profiler BETA is now available at fortrabbit.
SSL Poodle is already patched — no further action required.
New dashboard migration guide
Learn what is going to change with the new dashboard.
New dashboard mission statement
What to expect from our new dashboard.
New status page
Finally we have a dedicated downtime communication channel.
Lee Tengum about
A client interview from the real world client.
Add-Ons markdown
Price reductions for: Memcache, MySQL and Workers.
Sunsetting a few features
The SMTP Wrapper and the ReSync Tool will go away.
20 years Pretty Home Pages
Just a fancy info-graphic to say happy birthday to PHP.
Chasing 408
Those random 408 errors should finally be resolved!
New Relic BYOL
We now have the New Relic demon running.
Cloudscapes revisited
A state of the PHP cloud hosting scene overview.
This exploit is a vulnerability in the heartbeat of TLS in the OpenSSL implementation. We're patched up by now.
Support as a Service
Enhancing our platform with professional & reliable developer to developer support.
First fortran PaaS
Breaking news, fortrabbit releases a brand new stack.
Sunsetting freemium
Yep, we are going to replace our freemium with a free trial model.
PHP 5.5 and improved deployment
PHP 5.5 is finally here. This and some other news.
New year cleanup
Announcing upcoming maintenance work.
Status update
What's currently happening here and what's not.
Use Codio with fortrabbit
How to integrate the web IDE codio here on fortrabbit.
New boarding bonus
Claim an extra credit for an even better test drive of our platform.
New tasklist
Introducing a more fair and more fun freemium model.
Celebrating one year of fortrabbit
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
Freemium or free trial?
Is freemium the right business model for our service or shall we switch to a free trial model?
Laracon observations
What we have learned on the Laracon conference 2013 in Amsterdam.
Integrating codeship with fortrabbit
Learn how to do continuous integration with Codehip on fortrabbit.
User survey results
Results and learnings from our latest questionnaire among our users with 327 answers.
How we estimate hosting resources
One of the major problems all hosting providers have to solve is to make it transparent to the customer what kind of resources she needs. Our Map your App helps.
Worker Add-On released
We have a new Add-On: Workers! Learn about it and what you can do with it.
Performance / convenience
What's more important in hosting nowadays? Performance or convenience?
Sudden traffic peak
A case study.
Damn, we got pwned
fortrabbit under attack.
Behind the scenes when something goes wrong.
Free web hosting
Flat, unlimited and forever it shall be.
New write protection
Abot a new security feature.
New XSL support
Welcome Symphony CMS, we now support XSL.
1,000 developers
Our first 4 digits number! Thank you for your interest in our service!
SSH Upgrade: PHP CLI and Git
As many of you requested: PHP and Git on the shell are here!
Optional PHP extensions
Have you seen our new PHP settings page?
Goodbye WebRechnung
Shutting down an old fortrabbit service.
Fortrabbit PHPipeline 2013
Our plans for the year.
Decoupled hosting
Modularize everything!
App collaboration & owner transfer
New features in the dashboard.
Where to host my website now?
IaaS, PaaS, bare metal, shared hosting, managed hosting — Quo vadis?
The Roadmap
By 2009, computers will disappear.
We had the honor to present fortrabbit at the Berlin PHP usergroup.
Symfony2 on fortrabbit
This video shows you how easy it is to set up Symfony on fortrabbit.
FuelPHP on fortrabbit
This video show you how to install FuelPHP on fortrabbit with Git and PhpStorm.
Green cloud?
The cloud: economically attractive, but what the about ecological impact?
The meat market
What the hosting- and the meat-market have in common.
Slim PHP on fortrabbit
This videos shows you how to set up SlimPHP on fortrabbit with Git and Composer
Install Laravel on fortrabbit with Git
This video shows you how to run Laravel on fortrabbit
Hello world with PHPStorm
This video shows you a simple example with PHPStorm and fortrabbit
Release early, release often
Our iterative approach.
Take off
Fortrabbit PHP platform launched
PHP renaissance collection
Some links on newish PHP.
Multi stage deployment
How to setup a production/development work-flow for website development.
Freemium VS Bootstrapped
Bootstrapping in Berlin.
The perfect PHP platform manifest
Looking for the perfect PHP hosting platform.
About Composer
How to handle your dependencies with PHP Composer.
BETA begins
The private BETA for for our upcoming platform.
BETA survey results
Analysing the answers of our questionnaire.
A Coders Survey
Asking developers about their preferences.
Musings about the comon www. subdomain.
Support pages are on now
About the the new fortrabbit knowledge base.
Online text editors
Web IDEs everywhere! Are they any good? What's the buzz?
The freemium hosting business model
Is there such actually free web hosting?
Vendor locked-in buzz
How bound are you to your hosting provider? Does this really matter?
Custom HTTP Error Pages (Sneek Peek)
As Murphy knew: Things will go wrong. Let's be prepared for that moment. Our error pages offer some help in a dark hour. Nice looking 404, 403, 500 … pages for the rest of us.
About writable storage in modern hosting
New-school cloud or legacy LAMP style — what's state of the art in PHP hosting?
Cloudscapes – Comparing PHP Cloud Hosting Platforms
What PHP cloud platforms are currently actually out there?
What happened to our old WebHosting?
You might know that we are already running a WebHosting platform on our own servers in a data center in Berlin. What is the connection to our new upcoming PHP cloud platform?
New teaser page
Help us build the perfect platform for you — answer 20 questions.
Hello world!
The obvious first post claiming we are here to take over the world.