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The Universal Stack is here

It's been a long time. The rabbits crew is back with yet another major release. The all new all great 'U-new-versal' Stack is available now — ready to blow your mind.

In August we have revealed that we are working on a new general purpose "hobby stack" to better support small projects and legacy PHP websites. Now, after months of intensive work and testing, we proudly release it.

fortrabbit is available in two flavors now — one hosting platform for all the projects you are building — from website to web application, from xxs to XXXL, side by side. More PHPower for more PHPeople. With each App you'll create you can choose:

1. Professional Stack

The Professional Stack — formerly known as New App — is made for state-of-the-art PHP development. It is a scalable high performance hosting solution for business critical web applications. The flexible structure is based on components which are individually scalable, vertical and horizontal. The Professional Stack is strictly based on modern web app design paradigms and thus made for sophisticated developers.

2. Universal Stack — NEW

The Universal Stack is general purpose PHP cloud hosting. It mixes the best properties of traditional hosting: It's affordable as shared hosting, powerful as VPS hosting and carefree as managed hosting, plus it features some of the modern cloud hosting standards (Git, Composer …) you don't want to miss any more. It's made for small web applications and websites. Beginners and experienced developers can make use of it alike.

Plans & pricing

There are just three simple straight forward bundled App plans. All are great. The higher plans come with more MySQL database space and more web space and additional features like HTTPS for custom domains via Let's Encrypt, App collaboration and Cron jobs.

Included backups

The highest plan comes with our brand new backup solution: fully automated web storage & MySQL backups, encrypted, offsite.

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