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We are a Craft Hosting Partner

Last week Pixel & Tonic — the company behind Craft CMS — announced their official hosting partners. We are one of only two and that thrills us!

Hosting Craft since 2014

We are hosting Craft projects for quite a while now. The first sites on Craft appeared here three years ago — shortly after Craft 2.0 was released. Since only a few customers used it, we didn't payed much attention to this newcomer CMS.

In late 2015, in preparation for my CMS Quo Vadis blog post I took a deeper look at various CMS, including Craft. Besides technical features and ease of use, size and activity of the developer community are probably the most important factors to determine the maturity of software. I was impressed. Today we are running hundreds of sites powered by Craft. We are excited to see the Craft community growing here on fortrabbit.

Software distribution on fortrabbit

What we like about Craft

It feels like there is literally no other CMS that gets more love on twitter these days. People really enjoy building sites with Craft. There so many blog post out there that highlight features and benefits, there is not much more to add.

We are excited about the beautifully designed sites that appear here every day. And we enjoy working with the people who make this happen.

Why host Craft on fortrabbit?

Yes, you can host your Craft CMS project nearly everywhere. However, most hosting services have limited experience with Craft as they focus on WordPress and Drupal or the service is just generic where everything or nothing is possible. As your official Craft Hosting Partner, we do have an understanding how Craft works. And in case you are stuck somewhere: we are here to help.

Craft runs smoothly on both fortrabbit stacks (Universal + Professional). fortrabbit is more than just raw hosting resources. It's a managed platform with a unique tool-set to help agencies working for clients in a team more efficiently: from role based team permissions, to private Git repos and managed backups.

New to Craft?

Like with any other CMS, getting started with Craft requires you some new stuff to learn. Fortunately, the community will help. Find them on Slack, on StackExchange and at local meet-ups.

Ready to pay for a CMS?

One deal-breaker might be the price tag. Are you willing to pay for a CMS, while the other options are free? That's up to you. Think about your time. Maybe Craft will get you to the same point in less time with a better result? When working for a client, these costs might not play a major role.

More to discover

You can find the official announcement here at craftcms.com.

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