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Covid-19 info for clients

What we are doing to keep your business online and how you can help.

What we are doing

We are doing our best to keep the services up and running. We always do that.

Some of our extra precaution measures

  • Working remotely since 16th of March
  • Shared responsibility across the team with workshops and extended documentation
  • Slowed down interviewing new candidates (hiring)
  • Reviewed and trained internal standard procedures and emergency plans
  • Postponed some new releases, like PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8, to focus on stability measures first
  • Slowed down and skipped some sprint goals to give everyone the time to adapt to the new situation - work as much as it feels good to you

Slower as usual support response times

You might have noticed we respond a bit slower as usual in support. That's because of a general business slow down and the special circumstances we are all facing. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Please make sure to provide all details to your question right away.

Our business situation

The fortrabbit company is a small team of only five. fortrabbit as a business is bootstrapped and profitable. Our situation is good and stable. We will be able to deal with a financial backlash, if there will be one for us.

Platform stability

Remember that the fortrabbit platform is mostly a middleware. The infrastructure itself is running on AWS. We consider this very safe. The fortrabbit service is mostly self-service and highly automated - designed for little human interaction from us. Everyone in the team is replaceable, since critical tasks are defined and documented. We are prepared to keep the platform operational with limited resources.

What you can do

We know that you are going to be creative about the situation. You always are.

Plan ahead for financially difficult times

We have a lot of freelancers and small agencies on board. And we are hosting many websites for small local businesses like restaurants, barber shops, co-working spaces, repair shops, you name it.

The regulations required to slow down the spread of the virus might hurt your business, getting you in some financial trouble. If so, get your spendings down. Review your costs here. We have created a new dedicated help article guiding you:

There is also a new article explaining how you can download an App before deleting it, so that you have fresh local backup.

We have also made our bounce delete rules public now. This ruleset defines at what point we will have to delete your Apps when invoices get not get processed. We believe it's alaready a fair way to deal with things giving you enough time to react.

How to contact us to apply for a Covid-19 discount

Please contact us upfront, if the crisis will affect your business and you might will have trouble paying our invoices. We will try to arrange something for you. We will look at this on a per case basis to find individual solutions. Please give us all the details we need to understand your situation. Tell us about your business, the current situation and the outlook. Make sure you have taken all steps covered above to reduce your hosting costs already. Please write at least 600 chars outlining your case, so that we can make fact based decsicions.

What to expect

We can give you a total discount on your next invoices. This can be up to 40% of your total bill, depending on your case. Please understand that this below our operating costs. The discount can be granted for up to three months. You can apply for extension within the time frame. We are ready to do this for a number of clients, but a discount can not be guaranteed for everyone. Please act responsible.

Get an emergency contact in place

Our collaboration features enable you to invite other people to your Company. You might invite a backup person as an Owner, so hir can easily take over operations in case something happens to you.

Stay healthy and positive

We wish you all the best. Thanks for being around and the trust in our services. You are awesome. We already see a lot of creativity here, adapting to the new situation. Take care. Best wishes from Berlin.

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