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Install Laravel on fortrabbit with Git

Video: Install Laravel on fortrabbit with Git

This is the second video of a new screen-cast series where we are showing off our worst practices of PHP development & deployment. Plug: Of course all videos are somehow related to our platform.

In this tutorial screencast video you see one way (out of many) to install the classy PHP framework Laravel on the splendid fortrabbit PHP hosting platform. See the handy PHP Storm IDE and the gorgeous Git version control in action. Learn how you can change the doc root folder to your App in the fortrabbit control panel. It only takes a Git push to deploy everything and this happens within seconds. It only needs 20 seconds on the first commit & push - next will be single digits, of course. At the time of this writing Larvavel 3.x was the latest stable available version. We are really excited about the next version which is about to come out soon. This video was filmed in full color in Linux cinemascope. Please enlarge or use fullscreen mode and switch to HD to get the details. This video was written and produced by our chief engineer Ulrich Kautz.

Step by Step

  1. Clone repo from fortrabbit
  2. Download and extract Laravel
  3. Set document root for App
  4. Modify index.php and .htaccess
  5. Commit & push to deploy
  6. Done

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