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PHP heads

Adam Wathan Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Alex Bilbie London
PHP League
Andi Gutmans Menlo Park, California
Zend, PHP Core
Andrew Smith London, UK
Slim framework
Angela Byron Vancouverish, BC
Anthony Ferrara New Jersey, USA
PHP Security, OWASP, password_compat
Beau D. Simensen Madison, WI
Sculpin, PHP-FIG, Stackphp, That Podcast
Ben Edmunds Seattle, WA
PHP Town Hall
Benjamin Eberlei Germany
Doctrine, Qafoo profiler
Bruno Skvorc Croatia
SitePoint / Diffbot
Cal Evans Nashville, TN
Developer Experience Architect
Chris Fidao San Antonio, TX
Laravel, Servers for hackers
Chris Hartjes Milton, Ontario, Canada
Mr Grumpy, test or die, /dev/hell
blogger, SilverStripe
Dave Marshall Brough, United Kingdom
phpmig, That Podcast
Davey Shafik Tampa Bay Area, Florida
Engine Yard, PHAR
David Zuelke Munich, Berlin, and some SF.
Derick Rethans London, UK
xdebug, php mongo
Dmitry Stogov
PHP Core
Dominik Liebler /home/domnikl
Design Pattern
Dries Buytaert Boston
Mr Drupal
Ed Finkler West Lafayette, IN, USA
/dev/hell, prompt
PHP Core
Eric Barnes Gastonia, NC
Laravel News
Erika Heidi Reinaldo Amsterdam, NL
evangelist, blogger, Ansible
Fabian Blechschmidt Berlin, Germany
Fabien Potencier Paris, France
Mr Symfony, BlackfireIO
Fabrizio Branca San Francisco, California
Frank De Jonge Amsterdam
Flysystem, PHP League
Franz Liedke Germany
FluxBB, Flarum, Laravel
Graham Campbell United Kingdom
Henrik Bjørnskov Copenhagen, Denmark
Bernard, Queue
Igor Wiedler
yolo, reactphp, stackphp
Jack Skinner Sydney, Australia
Jeffrey Way Chattanooga, TN
Mr Laracasts, Laravel pusher
Jeremy Lindblom Seattle, WA
awsforphp, super_closure, phpbard, PNWPHP
Jonathan Reinink Beamsville, Canada
PHP League
Jonathan Wage Nashville, TN
Opensky, Servergrove
Jordi Boggiano London / Zürich
Mr Composer, speaker, community man
Josh Lockhart Chapel Hill, NC
Modern PHP, Slim framework, PHP the right way
Kayla Daniels New York, NY
Omnipay, CodeManifesto, NoCapes
Konstantin Kudryashov London
BDD, Behat
Kris Wallsmith Portland, OR, USA
assetic, Buzz
Lorna Jane Mitchell Leeds, UK
Lukas Kahwe Smith Zurich
Liip, Symfony
Matt Stauffer DTW✈GNV✈ORD✈GNV
evangelist, blogger
Matthew Weier O’Phinney Sioux Falls, SD
Michael Dowling Seattle, WA
Guzzle, awsforphp
Michelle Sanver Zürich
PHPwomen, Liip
Mior Muhammad Zaki
Orchestra Platform
Nikita Popov Berlin, Germany
The smart kid, PHP Core
Pádraic Brady Dublin, Ireland, Europe!
Zend, Mockery
Paul Dragoonis Glasgow, Scotland
ppi, PHP-FIG
Paul M. Jones Nashville, TN
Mr decouple, AuraPHP
Phil Sturgeon Brooklyn / Colombia
PHP Town Hall, Queen of the league
Phillip Jackson WPB, FL
Rafael Dohms Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam PHP
Rasmus Lerdorf Santa Clara County, California
Rob Allen Worcester, UK
Ross Tuck Netherlands
tactician, speaker
Sammy Kaye Powers Chicago, IL
PHP Roundtable, facebook-php-sdk
Sara Golemon Silicon Valley
Sebastian Bergmann
Shameer Calicut, Dubai
Writer, phpToday
Shawn McCool Utrecht, Netherlands
LaraconEU, DevDiscussions, TDD, backup-manager
Taylor Otwell Arkansas
Mr Laravel
Tim Bezhashvyly Berlin, Germany
magekarma, Truth of Magento Magento EE
Xinchen Hui China
PHP Core, yaf
Yitzchok Willroth Remote from Lakewood, NJ
Wisdom as a Service
Zeev Suraski Israel
zend, PHP Core

About this list

As a technology provider we have to have an eye on future trends. So we are monitoring what's going on in the open source PHP world. It's fun watching all those interesting projects out there. But it's not about technology only. You'll need to know about the people driving the projects to understand what's going on. What are the visible, vocal & visionary PHPeople up to?

To better keep track of everything we would like to see a kind of open PHP resources database. Probably a GitHub-hosted curated website merging own data with various other sources. One meta place to get up-to-date informations on podcasts, books, user groups, conferences, blogs — linking PHPeople to PHProjects. We have some rough ideas and already collected a little bit of data for such project. But currently, we don't have the resources.

Wanna help and take over? [UPDATED 2015-05-05]: There is a GitHub repo now with not more than a readme and some links to initial research.

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