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Support as a Service

We offer a highly automated PHP cloud hosting solution. In theory our business run's on it's own: we don't have to interact for most of the time: the sales process is handled by the dashboard, our watchdogs and daemons are spinning up new servers. Well, in the past two years we have learned how important the human factor is. Customer support is a cornerstone.

Supporting our users helps us in two ways: Increasing sales –It's much more likely that a happy user converts to a happy client. Understanding – There are many ways out there to measure user behaviors, but speaking to people really makes a different. It's the best way to learn what they expect from you and where are they coming from. Well, this kind of founder support is a not-scaleable-thing. With increasing popularity more and more support requests come in. Users had to wait longer for an answer, which was probably written quickly by us — just needed more time to get to it. The lately announced switch from freemium to free trial already reduced our workload — but still, we feel that our support quality wasn't up to the standards we want to uphold. We know that you rely your business on us. For this you need high quality of service for support as well. That's why we are now, as announced, offering premium support plans in three different flavors.

What you need to know

The premium support plans help you with your business. They are an optional upgrade. You can book a premium support plan from the new Support tab in the dashboard. The free support is still available, you can still file a ticket as usual. However premium support plans include more services like: launch support, in-depth problem diagnostics, App monitoring - plus a guaranteed response time on your tickets. The URL for filing tickets has changed, it used to be: fortrabbit.com/docs/support/file-a-ticket, now it's: my.fortrabbit.com/support. This means you need to be logged in to file a new ticket. Our ticket system is the best way to get support. Ask quick questions on Twitter, ask platform related questions on Stack Overflow. Call us if you want to speak to a human. We hope you like this and are of course curious what you think.

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