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FuelPHP on fortrabbit

We are continuing our video series by popular demand!. This is the fourth video of our screen-cast series. Here we are showcasing worst practices of PHP development & deployment on our sophisticated hosting platform.

Learn here about one way (out of many) to install the framework FuelPHP on the fabulous fortrabbit PHP hosting platform. See the handy PhpStorm IDE, the fortrabbit web GUI and gorgeous Git version control in action. Please enlarge the video and switch to HD to get the details.

Step by Step

As always: To reproduce all steps, we assume you have an existing App on fortrabbit with your SSH setup for Git access. Our demo App is called "app-demo" - replace this with your App's name.

  1. Clone repo from fortrabbit
  2. Download & extract FuelPHP
  3. Set the document root path in the fortrabbit control panel
  4. Modify the .htaccess file
  5. Add, commit & push to deploy
  6. See the results in the browser
  7. Done

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