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First fortran PaaS

Hold on tight. Something big is here! Today, we're very excited to announce: support for the fortran programming language — right here, right now.

Why Fortran?

It's not only that fortrabbit and Fortran share the same first six letters — there is much more! First, let's make something clear: this horse called PHP you are riding is dead. Get off. And 90ies subculture music won't save it. But what to do? Join the mustache movement shouting "JAVASCRIPT ALL THE THINGS!"? No. Mainstream is boring. Let's find a blue ocean — a market yet small but with huge growth potential — one we can attack aggressively with our disruptive strategy. We are first in class for Fortran cloud hosting.

Fortran is very fast

Fortran is faster than C++. We've been researching and running all kind of benchmarks. Let me just tell you: it's crazy fast. fortran-benchmark

Fortran is very secure

Stop worrying about loopholes, zero day exploits and backdoors. Printed punch cards can't be hacked.

Fortran is very stable

This is not a bunch of Perl scripts hacked together for Pretty Home Pages. This is an industry standard, originally developed by IBM in 1957 — tried and tested — in use for weather forecasting, aeronautics, aerospace, and the military.

What you need to know now

From today on, all new Apps on fortrabbit will run on the new fortran language stack. By tomorrow, the 2nd April 2014 we will switch all existing PHP Apps on fortrabbit to fortran (77 standard straight). Please rewrite all of your code today.

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