Deploy to fortrabbit with GitHub Actions revisited

While the fortrabbit platform offers basic build pipelining with Composer, it’s missing more advanced CI/CD features. A commonly requested feature is to build CSS and JS artefacts with Node.js. We recommend the use a third party service for doing that.

GitHub Actions is a popular tool to extend fortrabbit with more advanced deployment workflows. We wrote about this already in 2019 and here follows a new updated guide.

New workflow

Credit for this workflow goes to our client Stef Horner (tedslittlerobot). Many thanks for creating and sharing these workflows with us! The README will walk you through the setup, including installing keys.


For our upcoming new platform, we plan to not expose our own public Git repo, but instead connect to GitHub repos. Like today, the build pipeline will be a hosted service by us, but it will be much more flexible, including a Node runtime during deployment.

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