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User survey results

We recently did a poll amongst users of our PHP cloud hosting platform. Here are the results and our learnings.

As time flies by: Our PHP cloud platform is already available for ten months. We are very happy with feedback and traction so far. By now over 3.500 smart PHP developers are using our service. Seems that we are doing something right. This motivates us for our ambitious roadmap.

Build, measure, learn

Apart from product development we are also constantly working on our product-market fit and business strategy.

  • Are we actually really solving a real problem here?
  • What are the most important next steps?
  • Are we attracting our target audience?
  • Is the pricing right?
  • Shall we skip the freemium plan or extend it?
  • Shall we launch in the US as soon as possible?
  • How can support scale with increasing demand?

To get qualitative feedback we are currently doing a series of direct interviews. Please ping us if you are interested. For a broader more quantitative feedback we recently did a survey amongst our users. So without further bla bla, here is the outcome:



Discounts work really well! We promised all participants of the survey a voucher code. We got 327 answers, nearly all attendees left their mail address to receive the voucher code. About 3000% more participants than our last survey (with fewer users of course). Like expected we are currently attracting early adopters who have already tried out other similar solutions. A lot of people are using the service as an development environment. Most of them work as freelancers. That makes sense, because they can decide everything on their own. A lot of users also work as startups which surprised us a bit. It's quite hard to find a startup in our neighbourhood on PHP. In Berlin everybody is so hip and writes in Ruby. Our pricing is definitely a topic. When people complain, it's mostly about pricing, while the majority actually thinks it's quite ok. That's a challenge for us. We need to change the way people think about hosting. It's more a value-based pricing, not so much a consumption-based pricing. So: Thanks again for participating to everyone.

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