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Green cloud?

In May 2011 Greenpeace asked: How dirty is your data? Big cloud players like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon and others where given bad grades. Data centers consume a lot of power and have to be cooled. The Greenpeace campaign is still ongoing. Some brands have reacted and are changing for the better. There are data centers powered by solar energy and there are data centers in Iceland cooled with outside air. The underlying infrastructure layer for our platform for example is provided by the Amazon Web Services. It's a great service, in terms of technical implementation.

We love it. But it scares me a bit that i could not find any environmental facts on AWS. Is this hi-tech eventually powered by last century energy sources?

Mr. Vogels and Mr. Bezos: Please consider that customers care about green IT and ethical commerce. Most airlines already realized optional carbon offset for flight tickets.

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