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BETA begins

We are happy to announce that we have finally started the private BETA of our upcoming PHP Platform. The first invitations are sent out. Thank you for your interest and for waiting so long.**

Informations for BETA Testers

During the BETA period all services are free. Even when prices are shown, nothing will be charged. Accounting is one of the things that needs to be tested. The BETA period is not going to be very long. We think it will be only a few months. Expect some hiccups! We are already running some live websites on it, but not suggest that you should to do so as well. We still do load tests, DOS attacks and other stuff to stress the system. Please share your thoughts with us! It is extremely important for us, what you think about the service. Do you understand everything? Where do you have problems? What are you missing?

Don't miss the launch!

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What you can expect from us

The platform is exclusively made for PHP developers. You don't need to master a Ruby based Command Line Interface, there is a simple to use web GUI. No fancy one-click installers but powerful tools to manage your code.

Want to join the BETA?

You have missed the early bird sign up for BETA period? No problem, just write us an e-mail.

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