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Status update

Dear fortrabbit followers, this is an update mission status post. What's going on here and what is not?

A new dashboard is coming

We like to iterate and to bring small updates/improvements more often than a big bang once in a while. But some things have to be bigger and this is one is going to be really great. We have been working on it for a while: a new dashboard. We are revamping the UI and we are rethinking all workflows. Everything will be smoother, faster and more responsive. The new interface will also gain on the feature side. Among others: metric based alarming, a new and improved collaboration and lots of more insight in your App. But it's not only a new, shiny interface: it builds on the major rework of the backend which implements the learnings we've gained from the last year of service. The new dashboard in cooperation with the new core lay the groundwork for a new family of features to be released in the coming months: finally an API, a CLI for improved App runtime control, integration of 3rd party AddOn vendors, multi-region support and maybe even multi-vendor capability. ETA: Q1/2014.

The new deployment file

A better way to control the deployment process to match the different use-cases of our users. ETA: This Week

Dedicated MySQL Clusters

Very soon you will be able to book your very own dedicated MySQL resources here. ETA: Next Week

No Dedicated HTTP-Cluster Plans [for now]

Actually we planned to launch new dedicated HTTP resources by the end of this year. We are not going to. We think the time is not right yet. It will cost us time and we have more demand for other features. ETA: Unknown

No US-Launch light [for now]

We are also postponing our US launch light. Mainly because we don't want to do it with the current [old] dashboard and backend. The US-launch-light would also keep us busy: more maintenance, more support. Before we scale our business, we need to master it some more. ETA: Unknown Please also see our changelog for the latest changes.

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