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PHP 7.4 and other updates

We are currently preparing a small update. PHP 7.4 and some extensions. Here is a list with lots of numbers and dots.

Last update: 1st of April 2020, 12:09 CET

Run down

The updates will affect all Apps (Uni and Pro). The expected downtime for App web delivery is up to 20 minutes, we aim for a few minutes. We will run the updates sequentially, App after App. Pro Apps on production plans are planned to have near-to-zero downtime.

For the deployment services (Git, SSH and SFTP) we expect a maximum downtime of around 30 minutes. Also the updates will run sequentially, so the individual per App down-time likely will be less.

Please keep an eye on our status page where we are going to post intermediate updates.

Date and time

US region

Tuesday, 31st of March 2020

US maintenance window starts at
08:00 AM - UTC
04:00 AM - in NYC
10:00 AM - in Berlin
01:00 AM - in SF

Post Mortem for updates in US

While doing the planned maintenance we encountered unexpected technical problems: A small number of Nodes was affected by high load. So far, we have not been able to fully identify the root issue. We believe it's related to the underlying file system of the containers: BTRFS. The high load caused some on/off behaviour for affected Apps. We mitigated the issue by replacing the Nodes. ~250 Apps have been moved. The downtime per App was individual. Up to 40 minutes downtime for the mitigation. The IP of the Apps in question changed. A "re-deploy" — latest contents of the Git repo got re-applied — was triggered for those Apps. This (actually a feature) caused some additional trouble for clients who have started to work with Git deployment but later switched to SSH/SFTP workflows. We have been able to resolve most (not all) of these cases by applying backups.

Please contact us if you still have trouble with you App, likely we can help you.

Europe region

Due to the problems faced in US, we have postponed the roll-out in EU to:

Wednesday, 31st of March 2020

EU maintenance window starts at
16:00 PM - UTC
18:00 PM - in Berlin

Client facing changes

When both regions are rolled out, clients will be able to select the PHP 7.4 runtime for all their Apps. Here is the complete list of client facing changes:

PHP versions

This is the last time update for PHP 7.1 before we'll drop it. Please update now. See the officially supported PHP versions and our PHP 7.1 EOL guide.

Extensions installed from pecl

Custom build extensions

3rd party extensions

  • blackfire php probe (1.27.1) > 1.31.0
  • blackfire agent (1.27.4) > 1.32.0 - changelog
  • newrelic php probe ( > - release notes
  • newrelic agent ( > - release notes

Updated command line tools

  • composer (1.8.5) > 1.10.1 - changelog
  • convert ImageMagick (7.0.8-66) > 7.0.10-1 - changelog

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