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App collaboration & owner transfer

We are thrilled to announce the availability of a new feature from our roadmap: Permission Management. Actually these are two three (maybe even four) new features for the web control panel:

App Collaboration

Grant your team mates access to your App – multi-tenancy workflows for the web control panel. Set the level of permissions based on roles:

  • Analyst: read only
  • Junior Developer: change settings
  • Lead Developer: change settings, scale App, purchase Add-Ons
  • Project Manager: change settings, scale App, purchase Add-Ons, handle collaborators
  • Owner: change settings, scale App, purchase Add-Ons, handle collaborators, delete the App Sorry, this new feature is only available for paid plans. It was simply easier to implement like this.

Who Benefits?

We really like this feature, because it's not yet another tech feature, it solves a real world problem between people. It helps anyone who has to manage multiple Apps with different co-workers and maybe even different owners. It's a good solution for dev shops and web agencies.

App Transfer

Change the payee of an App by inviting a new owner. The new owner will be guided thru the boarding process. After the transfer you can still work as a collaborator on the App – of course, when both parties agree.

Who Benefits?

Again this helps to manage your real world hosting needs. Imagine this workflow for you as a freelancer:

  1. develop a project for a client (maybe on a free plan)
  2. send over testing URL
  3. get feedback
  4. implement changes, send over for review again (loop steps 3 & 4 a few times)
  5. get approval from the client
  6. invite the client to take over App ownership
  7. the client becomes fortrabbit client
  8. you are still the project manager and can handle the App for the client
  9. you launch the app for the client (scale and route domain)

App History

Each App has an event log now in the web control panel. Here you can see exactly who changed what and when.

(4) Bonus feature: Gravatar support

Ok. That's really a minor change and not really worth mentioning: Now you will find icons on your profile and anywhere accounts need to identified  in control panel. These profile icons come from the free Gravatar service. So in order you want to see your beautiful face up there you need to have your e-mail registered on Gravatar. We have noticed that a lot of our users are already using this anyways.

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