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Use Codio with fortrabbit

Just a quicky: How to use Codio and fortrabbit.

Codio is a new, amazing online code editor. As it supports deploying your code via Git, there is nothing stopping you from connecting it via fortrabbit and code away!


Of course you need a Codio and a fortrabbit account. Also create a new App with fortrabbit (or use an existing one..).

Connect Codio and fortrabbit

First you need a Codio (and of course a fortrabbit) account. Once you've signed up, just click on the "Codio" button in the upper left corner and choose "Account..".

Now switch to the "SSH Key" tab and copy the key.

Login to fortrabbit, go to your App and add the Key in the Git tab. Once this is done, you can create a new project on Codio by pasting your App's Git URL (can be found in the App's overview in the dashboard).

Hello World & first deploy

If you've cloned a new App, then it contains no files. So just create an index.php and fill it with something important: Write the index.php file Open the Git console (Tools -> Git -> Command Line) add your new index.php, then commit and push: Add index.php to Git Make a commit Push to fortrabbit And there you go. Thats about it. The response should look like this: Push to fortrabbit

And what about composer?

Sure thing. Create your composer.json file in Codio. I've put slim/slim in it, for this demo: Create the composer.json file Now the same again: Add, commit and push. Mark the [trigger:composer] part in the commit message: Add composer.json to Git Make commit with trigger message Push to fortrabbit And in the push response message you can see that composer is installed. Push to fortrabbit And that's it for now. Codio is not the only text editor for your browser. There are also: CodeEnvyCloud9, CodeAnyWhereKodingFriendCodeNeptune IDE and probably a few others. Also there is also the great CodeMirror project. Want more? Check out our huge list of developer facing services and out old post about web IDEs.

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