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The Roadmap

According to Ray Kurzweil, we are in the »Leveling Off Phase«. I think we all agree that technology is moving fast these days. For us it is a real fun ride to see new web technologies popping up each day. And it is even more fun to be a (small) part of it – pushing things forward. Our platform enables PHP developers to be more productive and to do better things in shorter time with more comfort.

By 2009, computers will disappear. Displays will be written directly onto our retinas by devices in our eyeglasses and contact lenses. Ray Kurzweil

Software is never ready and never perfect. We are developing our still young PHP platform further. We are able to adapt cool new technology early, but we care about the overall experience. Even with a technology based service – such as our hosting is – we believe that "feeling" and "experience" are more important than "features". Our aim is to fit your real world needs of a PHP development and hosting environment. To make sure that we are on the right, we would like to show and discuss the next steps with you.

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