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A new blog layout, a new engine

New blog same old bla bla

We have a new blog layout. It's streamlined with the rest of our new identity. I hope you like it.

WordPress is not for modern devs

Well, WordPress is very very hackable. You can do almost everything with it. And whatever you need: it has been done, documented and open-sourced before. Wordpress is feature-rich and extensible. The WordPress admin is perfect for non techies (speak clients).

We want: Markdown, version control, minimalism and edginess.

Evaluating alternatives

Obviously i was interested in a modern Laravel blogging engine. I tried out OctoberCMS and Wardrobe. While they are great — my playfulness wasn't satisfied yet.

Static site generators

So i digged into static site generators — those systems that spit out a bunch of HTML pages. Of course I first checked out the PHP ones Sculpin and Phrozn. Then i moved on to Node.js generators as I already use Gulp.

I finally settled with Metalsmith. It's not newest hippest technology — but ok for me.


  • Write cleaner code!
  • Open source code for pull requests
  • Gulp & Metalsmith live side by side — not good
  • Generation is quick, but an additional step
  • Reinvent the wheel for all details (RSS, 404 …)
  • Exclude "build" from Git
  • Figure out a deployment process to fortrabbit

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