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New dashboard supervision

Release early, release often

That's what they say. We on the other hand have just released a big fat bunch of code — our new Dashboard — which took us ages to write.

Launching a big project to public is always hard. Software is never done. The list of features which didn't make into the release is long. We did testing, but have we really covered every possible case? Can we really let go now? Shouldn't we reach 100% test coverage? Or should we release it with a BETA badge now?

There is no test like production

We did it. We shipped it. It's here. It's as good as it got. It's stable. It's rough around the edges. We are tweaking it right now. Thank you for your feedback! We could eliminate many smaller glitches already.

Your opinion counts!

The new fortrabbit Dashboard is full of assumptions. What do you think about it? Do you like it? What are you missing? Where are you lost? What's not working as expected? Which feature from the old Dashboard would you like to see again? Have you found a bug? What do you think about our new support model? How do you like our new trial model for Apps?

Post a public comment right below or use our client feedback form for a private conversation. We are listening.

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