What the hosting and the meat market have in common

Frank Lämmer
grown up graffiti kid

MeatHosting Illustration by Frank Lämmer

The meat market

All experts agree that meat prices are much too low. The brutal price competition results in factory farming and the massive usage of antibiotics. That’s not good – neither for the animals nor for us customers. We eat too much meat and get too fat.

How to fix it: Go to your butcher of trust. Ask about the welfare of animals and meat quality. Eat meat more consciously. Vote for a party that supports meat market regulation.

The hosting market

Here competition is also driven by price dumping. Hosting plans are mostly compared by their price tags. Unlike animals bits and bytes are comfortable stored in a tight metal box. But legacy technology, ugly web interfaces and sloppy implementations cause headaches for us web developers.

How to fix it: Go to your hosting provider of trust. Ask about the infrastructure and deployment. Calculate carefully what is more valuable, a cheap hosting offer or developing productivity?

  • Mark

    So you think you get fat from eating meat? You don’t have a clue what you’re saying.

  • Justin

    @Mark, if I’m reading what Frank wrote correctly, I don’t see him saying that eating meat makes you fat. I see Frank saying that eating too much food makes us fat. He says “We eat too much … and get too fat”. Because meat is cheap, we eat more of it than we probably should/would otherwise. adding to our over consumption of food.

  • http://hackrepair.com Jim

    So true. I wrote an article on this very subject. It’s easy to get jaded by unlimited everything. See my article, Why Shared Hosting Can Be Bad For The Health Of Your Web Design Business, http://hackrepair.com/why-shared-hosting-can-be-bad-for-the-health-of-your-business

  • frank-laemmer

    Thx for reading and commenting. More comments: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4673208 On HN this great ~7 years old article was linked: http://www.welton.it/articles/webhosting_market_lemons